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MG TC 1948 red

MG TC RED 1948.

We offer a very beautiful and gifted MG TC from the 1948 year of construction.

This TC was imported from the U.S. in 2016 and has been restored and revised in the past period.
A lot of work has been done including a new stainless steel exhaust, new cable boom, new nut wood dashboard, new leather upholstery, new hood and covers, shelves etc. etc.
A complete list of the works done is available.

This work has made the car as new and is a gem of its kind, so special conditions make it possible for the car to be offered for sale.
If you are looking for an MG TC then viewing this car is more than worthwhile; the car is also equipped with a Heritage Certificate and a recent valuation report.
Come and see this car and who knows the car you're looking for. You are cordially invited to view the car.

We can assist with export and transportation or arrange it for you if desired. If you would like more information or would you like to visit us, make an appointment with Hans tel .: +31 6 543 454 31.
Our company is located near Tilburg. It is possible to reach us via Eindhoven Airport only 15 minutes away from our company.

€ 37500.00