I am Hans van der Hoff and my interest in classics is already more than 40 back in time. My father was a car mechanic and worked at various garages in Tilburg. As a child, I was already involved in his key work and stood there with my nose on top. This interest expanded and together with my father I visited many old-timer fairs in the Netherlands, Belgium and abroad. I have also traded many a classic at a very young age and have also started offering cars at oldtimer fairs.

About 25 years ago I started to specialize and specialize in the classic Fiat 500 and in those years I got at least 2000 Fiatjes from Italy. I not only provided my customers with a beautiful fiat 500, but also sold parts, did maintenance and repair. My Fiatjes went through the whole world through export.

Meanwhile, the Fiat Fiat plays a lesser role in my "classic life" and I apply myself more to other brands and now you find me in the stock include Morgan, MG, Triumph, Mercedes and sometimes an American car from the 50's, but there is always a 500 in sales.

My classic cars play a big role in my life and without is impossible. I always say that there are few people with such a big old-timer heart as I have. The passion and experience has only increased over the years and so I can say with certainty that I will always stay that way.
My goal is to sell a nice and good car to a fancier, a car that has been carefully checked and repaired if necessary. A car with a history that I try to find out and pass on to the new owner. My collection consists of about 15 to 20 cars that receive the necessary attention to make the new owner many carefree kilometers and if there is a problem after sales, I am always ready to solve it.