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Renault 4CV grey 1961

Renault 4CV  grey 1961


This Renault has probably been imported into southern France for years, I figure this out of the state in which the car is wrong.
The inside lining has been replaced once and is very tasteful and fitting with the car, the sky and steering wheel are still original and in a delicious patinated condition.

The car has a starter breaker, a claxon and fog lamp on the front bumper and white edges around the tires. The engine is original for renault 4 cv as well as the 3 gearbox, the rear of which is in the rear of the 1st gear which is used to most of us.
If desired we can provide the car with a valid A.P.K.

In addition, the Renault is in a good condition, no visible rust and a virgin bottom with anti-rust treatment.
Driving in a 4 cv is a party and you already drive yourself across Dutch country roads like a God in France.

You are cordially invited to view the car, and we can assist you in export and transportation or arrange it for you if you wish. Maybe it's the car you're looking for. Would you like more information or would you like to visit us make an appointment with Hans.

Our company is located near Tilburg. It is possible to reach us via Eindhoven Airport only 15 minutes away from our company.

Hearty classic greetings,

Hans van der Hoff classic cars

€ 8950.00