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Volkswagen Beetle convertible white 1968 JUST ARRIVED

Volkswagen Beetle convertible white 1968  JUST ARRIVED

Volkswagen beetle cabriolet 1500 1968. 

The beetle cabriolet offered here has recently been renovated. The Beetle has been sprayed, the interior has been done, the engine has been overhauled, new Whitewall tires etc. etc. Photos of the renovation!
The Volkswagen is equipped with a 1500cc engine, small rear lights, reclining headlights, a chromed luggage rack, and so-called American bumpers, Sonneland sottop with inner lining. The year of construction is 19-12-1968 and the beetle is from 2003 in the Netherlands and has a license plate. This Volkswagen convertible drives and switches perfectly and is in the Netherlands equipped with a valid technical inspection report (apk). All in all a neat car that performs well and can last for years and is very stable. The Beetle is equipped with a recent valuation report which is present at the car and indicates a replacement value of 31000 euro.
Beetles enough for sale but from this model it becomes difficult to find one and certainly in this condition.

You are cordially invited to view the car, and we can assist with export and transport or arrange this for you if desired.
Would you like more information or would you like to visit us make an appointment with Hans.

Our company is located near Tilburg. It is possible to reach us via Eindhoven Airport only 15 minutes away from our company.

Hearty classic greeting,

Hans van der Hoff classic cars

€ 25950.00