On behalf of a relationship, we offer this beautiful Alfa Romeo Touring spider.

The Alfa is built on 27-09-1963 and comes from abroad and was registered in the Netherlands on 18-08-2006. The Alfa has been registered in Belgium for a few years and has therefore also been provided with a Belgian registration and number plate.

The car has been restored in the recent past and is in an excellent state of maintenance. The paint is beautifully even and intact and damage-free, the chrome is also very neat.

The soft top is black mohair and has a red hood cover, the interior is red leather and in perfect condition.

The Alfa has a 6 cylinder 2.6 liter engine with 3 carburettors.

The car has a valuation report from 2017 in which the car is described very positively by the appraiser at the time, and all invoices regarding maintenance, repair, and improvements from the past decades are also present.

The photo series on our website gives a general and beautiful picture of the condition of the car. We encourage potential interested parties to come and see the car “life”.