This car is a 1954 Citroën Traction Avant 11BL long version.

After 35 years in the hands of the first French owner, Monsieur Coquille from the Yonne department, this traction was bought in 1989 by Anna Serravalle from Piemonte, Italy.

Her partner Gianluigi Barello did a "frame up" restoration in 1990. The black color was replaced by this beautiful two-tone combination - beige and burgundy.

The car was used in an Italian movie. In 2010, the traction was sold to Claudio Porro, a winegrower from Cuneo, Italy. In 2017 Silvio Garelli gave this car to his father as a birthday present.

In August 2018, the current owner bought the car through an auction.

This Traction is - despite being restored more than 30 years ago - in a beautiful condition.

At the moment the car has a Belgian registration, and the various registrations in Italy of the previous owners are available.

As described above, the Citroen Traction is still in a beautiful condition, both interior and exterior. Everything shows that the car was professionally restored at the time.

Some time ago 4 new tires were fitted Michelin 165-400.

The car drives well and the gearbox shifts excellent.

This is certainly one of the better Citroëns on the market at the moment, and we cordially invite you to come and see the car.

We can have this car transported to your front door by a professional carrier, including the original Belgian registration, with which the car can of course also be registered abroad.

Brand: Citroen

Model: Traction 11BL

Year: 1954

Title: Superb 1954 Citroen Traction 11BL - long version

The Citroën Traction Avant was a highly innovative car produced by Citroën from 1934, to a design by André Lefèbvre and Flaminio Bertoni. It was the first mass-produced car with front-wheel drive (French: Traction Avant) and a unibody construction. The car was available in 7 CV (32 and 36 hp), 11 CV (46, 56 and 60 hp) and 15 CV (77 hp) engine variants and 7C, 11BL (Légère) body styles (in sedan, convertible and faux convertible) , 11BN (Normal) (in sedan, convertible and faux convertible) and 11BF (Family), 11BC (Commercial), 15/6F, 15/6C (6 cylinder deluxe version).