Fiat 500 Luxe in very nice condition and sold in the Netherlands in 1975, so an original Dutchman. The delivery date was May 22, 1975.

The current mileage is 68912 kilometers, the fiat has always been in the hands of a true enthusiast who has certainly invested a lot in the car in recent years. For example, the engine has been completely overhauled and the Fiat was recently renovated with M.L. anti-rust treated.

All accounts of these improvements are available .

The Fiat has a very nice black interior in almost new condition, the car is also equipped with lap belts for safety. A luggage rack in chrome with matching case makes the car complete. A transparent windshield has been placed against too strong winds when the roof is open.

The tires are practically new size 135x12, there are 2 chrome side mirrors on the Fiat. There is also an original Fiat jack and wheel wrench on board. For a navigation or i.d. there are 2 cigarette lighters mounted under the dashboard.

The paint is very neat from the Fiat and the chrome is also in an excellent condition. The underside of the car is also very neat and, as mentioned before, provided with a professional rust treatment.
A nice and especially beautiful Fiat for many years of driving and hobby pleasure. In recent years, the Fiat 500 has once again attracted the attention of the people, especially because the car has a large cuddly factor. We always have a Fiat 500 in our stock also giardiniera.

Did you know that for export we provide the car with the necessary documents and we can also fully take care of the transport worldwide.