The Kadett offered by us, is one of the unique model Kiemen coupe.

The Opel Kadett Kiemen coupe was a special version of the normal Kadett coupe, the Kiemen differed from the Kadett coupe by the typical sprouts on the rear pillar and a completely modified rear with the panoramic rear window.

The Kadett Kiemen coupe has sold relatively little and is therefore very popular with the real Opel enthusiast.

This beautiful Opel Kadett Kiemen coupe comes from Sweden and has only 51,000 km on the clock. This mileage is demonstrable, namely the complete history from day 1 is available. All Swedish inspection reports, the maintenance booklet, instruction booklet and even the original 1969 car letter are with the car.

The first owner was a dentist from Stockholm, who had this Opel in her possession until 1972. From 1972 to 2000 the second owner had the car in his possession. This owner had the car at his holiday home and used it when he was present in this house. From 2000 to 2019, the car belonged to a collection in Stockholm.

This unique Opel Kadett still has 80% first paint and looks beautiful, the chrome and the original interior are also in excellent condition.

After its time in a collection in Stockholm, the car was completely checked, the brakes were overhauled and where necessary renewed, the cooling system was checked, cleaned and possibly renewed, as well as the fuel circuit (carburettor, pipes, etc.). Spark plugs, oil, etc. have also been replaced.

We can certainly speak of a unique copy given the mileage, the originality and the presence of the total history.

We offer this beauty on behalf of one of our relations. We would like to see you in our showroom to view this car in particular. We receive you as agreed.

We can of course be of assistance if desired with worldwide transport.