Renault 4cv 1960 type R1062.

This Renault 4cv is originally from France and has been approved for traffic in the Netherlands on 22-02-1994.

Years later, the car was fully professionally restored by a professional car mechanic. This is also the first and only owner of the Renault in the Netherlands.

As said, the car has been fully professionally restored and is currently in an almost state-of-the-art condition. Everything has been done to bring the car as it currently is, as witnessed by the more than 100 photos that we can present of the car.

The car has been completely hull and pre-treated as such and afterwards very professionally sprayed where to date hardly any traces of use can be seen. There is no rust on the car.

The chrome has all been replaced, and the interior has also been completely replaced by new original Renault upholstery. The headlining has also been replaced by equipment of the first type.

The engine and gearbox have been overhauled and several parts have been replaced or overhauled. 90% of the used parts are purchased new, parts of this Renault type are readily available.

The current km position is 04452, the original jack is present, just like the instruction booklet that was delivered with the car at the time. Tires 145SR15 in good condition and chromed shells are mounted on the door handles, the so-called “bananas” are mounted on the front and rear bumper as a bumper.

The weight is 640 kilos, the engine is a four-cylinder with 747cc with 26 hp. The technical inspection (A.P.K.) which is valid in the Netherlands until 12-04-2020.

This Renault is as said in excellent condition both interior and exterior and also technical and is certainly in collector's condition.

Let the photos convince you !!!!

You are cordially invited to view the car, and we can assist with export and transport or arrange this for you if desired.

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